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INDUSTREX T200 NIF Sheets 5" x 7"

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    • Replaces Agfa D5 and Fuji IX80
    • 100 sheets per box
    • 5 boxes per case

    INDUSTREX T200 Film is recommended for critical imaging applications, since it can be used in multiple film loads to provide you with an extended imaging range. Best of all, it incorporates Carestream Health’s patented T-GRAIN Emulsion technology.

    The Basics

    T200 Film isa medium-speed, high-contrast film with very fine grain. This Film is an ENISO 11699-1 Class4filmandour fastest ASTME 1815 ClassIfilm.T200 Film can withstand high temperatures, and it’s less susceptible to handling and static

    artifacts. It’s also versatile—you can useit with direct x-rays or with lead foil screens.

    Processing Options

    T200 Film canbe processed manually or automatically ina range of processing cycles. Notice:Observeprecautionaryinformationonproductlabelsand MaterialSafetyDataSheets.Developwithrackandtank,usingproperly replenished solutions.

    Idea For

    Aircraft inspection,Aero-engines,Assemblies,Electricalcomponents,Castings, Composites (fibre-reinforced), Forensics, Munitions, Bomb Disposal, Nuclear, Paintings/Sculptures,Pipelines,WeldedFabrication



    Base + Fog


    M43ic—8 min 79°F (26°C)



    M43ic—5 min 86°F (30°C)



    1Contrast calculated between net densities of 1.5 and 3.5.