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ZL-60D Aerosol (16 oz cans; 12 can case)

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    • 9 16 oz.Aerosol Cans/Case
    • Level 2 ? Medium Sensitivity
    • Exhibits excellent washability for castings and rough surfaces; and is typically used on castings, forgings, extrusions, and rough machined surfaces to find cracks, seams, laps, cold shuts, laminations, and porosity.
    • Approved Developers: ZP-4B, ZP-9F, ZP-5B, and SKD-S2
    ZYGLO Penetrants
    ZYGLO fluorescent penetrants are formulated to offer improved sensitivity, brightness, and resistance to over washing. Just like MAGNAFLUX's visible penetrants we use high quality raw materials to give superior results in finding defects. MAGNAFLUX's ZYGLO penetrant products are known in the industry for their consistent performance and reliability. They are preferred by many of the largest aircraft manufacturers and over haul facilities