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DR-62 Cleaner

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    Characteristics (9 - 16oz cans/case)
    Applicable Specifications: ASME B & P Vessel Code, AMS 2644, AMS 2647, ASTM-E-1417, ASTM-E-165, AECL, MIL-I-25135 Rev E, MIL-STD-271 E, MIL-STD 6866, Navships 250-1500

    DR-62 Cleaner-Remover is used in the penetrant process to remove excess, nonwater-washable penetrants from part surfaces, e.g., Sherwin DP-40 Dye Penetrant (visible red) and Sherwin RC-65 and RC-77 Flourescent Penetrants. It is a manual "wipe on" and "wipe off" material and, consequently, recommended for small areas. DR-62 may also be used for generally cleaning oily, dirty surfaces. DR-60 is especially suitable for cleaning prior to the application of inspection penetrants. DR-62 is widely found in machine shops, foundries, and overhaul shops; it is a good, all puropse cleaner.