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Spotcheck® SKD-S2 Aerosol CASE (12 16-oz cans)

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    • 12 - 16 oz. Aerosol Cans/Case
    • Spotcheck SKD-S2 is a non-halogenated solvent developer that meets major requirements for special alloy and nuclear applications.
    SPOTCHECK Penetrants
    • SPOTCHECK is the most reliable and widely used liquid penetrant inspection method to reveal cracks and other surface discontinuities in virtually any non-porous material.
    • SPOTCHECK's formulation uses a high concentration of quality dyes and high-quality solvents to give you the best possible dye penetrants for finding the smallest and finest defects.
    • Other products may skimp on dyes or use inferior solvents that cut costs. In doing so, indications do not appear as bright or vibrant and cracks can be missed. Some inferior solvents may also cause health hazards.
    • Tech Service Products is a leading distributor of industrial supplies and non-destructive liquid penetrant testing products.