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Custom Boxes

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    TSP, Inc. has manufactured custom boxes for applications in many industries. The process involves educating us as to the application and procedures to be followed. In most situations, follow up phone calls are required to clarify our understanding. Depending on the complexity and the current production schedule, custom box lead times can vary between 10 days and 2 weeks after the receipt of the order, . Please note that there are some applications that we cannot accommodate due to geometry. Historically, there have been only a few of these situations.

    • A drawing with dimensions or images of the test piece will be required.
    • Prior to construction the design will be approved by the customer. A deposit and purchase order will be required.
    • Custom boxes are not accepted for return, unless there is a failure due to workmanship quality. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee performance of the design. Many of these applications are first time events with no opportunity for testing.
    • Please call or email us ( with your specific requirements to arrange a quote.

    TSP vacuum device designs have been thoroughly field tested for several years in a variety of applications throughout the world.


    The air ejector has no moving parts. After applying leak detection fluid along seam, simply place the vacuum device over the area to be tested and open the air valve. Slight pressure may be required to seal the box.


    Our shockproof vacuum devices are built with lightweight acrylic which can be fabricated for special applications. The tough rubber gasket is designed to provide a maximum seal.